“I am Museum” poster design

For “I am the Museum” poster design i decided to make an illustration of one of the sculptures that is on the facade of the National Museum of BiH. The image is based on the feeling i got the first time I entered it after it was closed – it felt broken from outside and still magical inside.

“Visuals for the Museum” is an art action and a joint declaration by a group of BiH artists, designers, illustrators and architects of the younger and middle generations who will create a series of artworks (illustrations and visuals) in symbolic support of the “I am the Museum”initiative.
The artists will draw inspiration from the Museum building, details from the collection and various artefacts in order to present works on the theme “National Museum of BiH” that will showcase their individual approaches, styles and sensibilities. These works will be in line with contemporary trends in visual communication that are intelligible to the general public. It is particularly crucial to communicate to the younger population in Sarajevo and BiH the importance of protecting this institution and to present it as a welcoming space that is vital for the urban community, a place to visit and enjoy the valuable collections as well as the unique botanical garden in the centre of the city.



illustration, poster